Dawn of Isles

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Dawn of Isles
  • 授权方式:免费游戏
  • 游戏类型:动作
  • 游戏语言:简体中文
  • 游戏大小:33.4M
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  • 更新时间:2019-06-13 16:45:46
  • 运行环境:手机(安卓/苹果)系统
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Welcome, Islanders!A great journey awaits!-- INTRODUCTION –Featuring a vibrant new world that offers a unique gaming experience, Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed by NetEase Games. Craft the tools you need with your own two hands, use powerful elemental combos in combat, and match wits against your rivals and foes!-- KEY FEATURES --· Build an Uncharted Island!- Use your Axe and Pickaxe to gather resources and begin construction from the ground up.- Develop workshops, pits, and piers to produce, process, and sell products.- Plant and harvest crops, or "borrow" some from your neighbors...· Create Amazing Items!- Infuse flasks with Elemental Spirits and unleash the primal power of nature.- Produce quality fishing rods try to reel in cunning fish.- Prepare delicious feasts that will tingle the taste buds.· Tame Incredible Pets!- Roam beautiful and diverse lands with your exotic pets.- Learn the way of the Hunter's Guild and dance with pets in the Flower Circle.- Nourish and care for your animal companions, and let loose their potential with Pet Skills.· Challenge Devious Foes!- Choose from an array of weapons and skills for a variety of combat styles.- Observe how the environment interacts with the elements and take full advantage to gain an edge in battle.- Discern the weakness of fierce monsters, deal a fatal blow, and claim huge rewards.-- CONTACT US --Website:http://www.dawnofisles.comFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/DawnofislesDiscord:https://discord.gg/uPK9uAN

  • Dawn of Isles
  • Dawn of Isles
  • Dawn of Isles
  • Dawn of Isles
  • Dawn of Isles
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